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Highway 14-Connie Road to Glintz Lake Road Upgrade

Sooke, Vancouver Island BC (2019-2020)
Highway 14 Connie Road.JPG

R.F.Binnie has contracted ENKON to provide environmental services for upgrading of Highway 14 from Connie Rd to Glintz Lake Road.  The upgrade will include 4-laning much of the segment, highway re-alignment, intersection upgrades including a proposed overpass, and a proposed park and ride.  The project will also include disturbances during construction such as fill sites and laydown areas.  ENKON will provide environmental services throughout the various stages of engineering services including concept, preliminary, functional, and detailed design, tender, and construction.  ENKON will provide an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, Construction Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Environmental Monitoring inspections over the 18 month construction period.

Connie Road near Glintz Lake Road
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