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Our Values

Throughout its’ history, ENKON has strived to demonstrate exceptional dedication to environmental and social leadership through innovative technologies and partnerships with community organizations.  ENKON provides a work environment for its staff that is flexible, collaborative and promotes from within to provide the maximum opportunity to advance as environmental professionals.  Staff members have the ability to work remotely from home and schedule work hours around family commitments, to do our small part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Our clients benefit from our environmental leadership in applying new technologies to lessen/eliminate the impact to our environment and in many cases implement alternatives to avoid costly and irreversible damage to the environment.









Our success continues to rely on the expertise and integrity of our environmental specialists and the company’s commitment to promote continuous personal and career growth.  All of ENKON’s professional staff strive to upgrade their skills through continuing education whether it be through university level courses or government sponsored safety and technical training courses.

ENKON's commitment to environmental stewardship has evolved over the years and is now part of our everyday thinking finding "green solutions" for our clients.  We recognize that it is a means to a sustainable future and take responsibility for our choices.    

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