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64th Avenue Extension

Langley BC 2004-2005
North Creek Douglas Fir Snag.jpg
North Creek Douglas Fir Snag
North Creek Wetland.jpg

ENKON provided environmental input into the conceptual design for the extension of 64th Avenue west and east of Glover Road.  The primary environmental constraints identified were several wetlands and headwater tributaries to the Nicomekl River. ENKON assessed options and recommended a preferred alignment of the road through the Nicomekl River floodplain.  For the feasibility study, ENKON assessed environmental impacts and identified the resulting mitigation and compensation requirements.    The Township of Langley proceeded with a design-build approach to construction under the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Agreement.  ENKON acted as the Owner’s Environmental Consultant. We prepared an environmental impact assessment report to obtain approval under CEAA.  ENKON worked with the Owner’s Engineer to incorporate environmental mitigation and compensation into the reference concept for the project and prepared the environmental requirements and evaluation criteria for the RFEI and RFP.

North Creek Wetland
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