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Burnaby Lake Rejuvenation Program Project Approval

Burnaby BC 2001-2011
burnaby lake photo.jpg
Dredging Equipment

On behalf of the City of Burnaby, in the late 1990's-early 2000's, ENKON prepared and submitted to the BC Environmental Assessment Office an Application for a Project Approval Certificate for the Burnaby Lake Rejuvenation Program.  ENKON assisted the City of Burnaby with extensive government and public consultation of the four dredging options being considered for the lake. ENKON was also responsible for establishing baseline conditions in the lake, preparing terms of reference for technical studies, characterizing lake sediments, preparing contract specifications for dredging, developing mitigation methods for environmental impacts, preparing preliminary environmental management plans and providing construction specifications.    The project was granted approval in 2002.  Post certification, ENKON was responsible for environmental monitoring of dredging activities including painted turtle radio telemetry studies, sediment and erosion control and tributary habitat restoration and enhancement.

ENKON Field Crew
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