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Coast Meridian Widening Project

Coquitlam BC 2013
cooast meridian road map.jpg
Coast Meridian Road Design Option
Coast Meridian Road.JPG

ENKON was retained by ISL Engineering on behalf of the City of Coquitlam to provide environmental consulting services in support of the conceptual/functional design for the proposed widening of Coast Meridian Road (CMR) from David Avenue north to Harper Road.  ENKON completed a field survey of the channelized segments of Watkins Creek located along the east edge of CMR between Millard Avenue and Highland Drive.  We participated in design consultation meetings to ensure that appropriate consideration of aquatic and riparian habitat values had been incorporated into the design.  Three separate transportation options were prepared and reviewed under a Multiple Account Evaluation (MAE) process.  After a preferred option was selected, ENKON developed a habitat balance to assess riparian and instream impacts.  This task included identifying mitigation opportunities and onsite and offsite compensation options.

Coast Meridian Road
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