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David & Princeton Avenue Extensions

Coquitlam BC 2015
Princeton Avenue Channel (2).JPG
Box Culvert Installation
David Avenue Culvert.jpg

ENKON provided environmental consulting and ESC monitoring services to the City of Coquitlam in support of culvert crossings of Burke Mountain Creek at the intersection of David and Princeton Avenues. The culverts were designed to incorporate perpendicular concrete baffles to allow for an embedded culvert structure which would receive augmentation with heterogeneous boulder, cobble, and gravel substrate to maintain natural channel processes and benthic invertebrate habitat values.  The culvert was designed as an embedded box culvert to provide opportunities for wildlife passage.  Based on the length of the culvert as dictated by the arterial road cross section and requirements for a west-bound left turn lane, the culvert’s effective openness ratio was modified by the inclusion of an open light well, situated in the road median to increase the likelihood of use by wildlife. 

Embedded Box Culvert Boulder Baffles 
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