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Garibaldi Ski & All Season Mountain Resort Project Approval 

Near Squamish BC 1996-2015
Brohm Ridge Winter.JPG
Brohm Ridge
Garibaldi Mountain Plan.jpg

ENKON coordinated all of the Stage I and Stage II consultants, and prepared the project assessment reports under the BC Environmental Assessment Act approval process for the proposed 20,000+ bed-unit ski resort, near Squamish. These documents outlined all aspects of the project, including the project applicant and corporate affairs, project description, market analysis, financial feasibility, approvals and governance, socio-economic impact analysis, First Nations Consultation, current environmental conditions, potential impacts, including cumulative impacts, construction schedule, sewage treatment, potable water supply, and solid waste disposal.  ENKON provided advice and organized/participated in open houses, stakeholder meetings, government committee review meetings, and council presentations. The Master Plan and Additional Information Requirements were originally submitted in April 2003.  Addendums to the original 2003 submissions were submitted to the EAO from 2007 through 2015.  The resort project received a provincial “Environmental Assessment Certificate” in 2016.

Mountain Plan
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