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Highway 99 & 32 Avenue Diversion Interchange

Surrey BC 1999-2001
ba blacktop pond.jpg
Barbara Creek Pond Enhancement 1999
Barbara Creek Pond.jpg

ENKON developed habitat mitigation/ compensation plans and acquired environmental approvals for a 50 m creek diversion, placement of a 25 m CSP culvert extension and a 15 m bridge crossing over Barbara Creek, a known salmon and trout bearing stream.  The stream works were part of the design build component of the Highway 99 and 152nd Street Interchange Project.  Habitat compensation included the design and construction of a 400 m2 bio-filtration pond, a 30-m spawning channel and a 1,000 m2 overwintering pond.  The riparian habitat adjacent to the creek was also enhanced with native plantings.  In addition, ENKON conducted environmental monitoring for the project.

Barbara Creek Pond Enhancement 2004
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