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John Matthews & Gray Creeks Restoration

Burnaby BC 2012-2017
Jonh Matthews Creek.jpg
Installing Stream Complexing Materials
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ENKON provided environmental consulting and ESC monitoring services to associated Engineering in support of the John Mathews and Gray Creeks ravine restoration projects.  John Matthews Creek was repaired to address significant retrogressive erosion and bank erosion resulting from urban stormwater pulses yielding significant erosion of the channel invert, resulting in the destabilization of an armouring layer of alluvium and basal till overlying relatively erodible sedimentary deposits (e.g. Quadra Sands).  Similar erosional processes had been noted within Gray Creek with initial mitigation measures undertaken at a location approximately 600m upstream from the Marine Drive crossing .  Mitigation efforts were limited to stabilizing the local ‘nick-point’ with large rip-rap armouring to arrest the headward erosion.


Creation of Step-Pool Habitat Feature
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