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Revelstoke Mountain All Season Resort Master Plan Approval

Revelstoke  BC (1999-2007)
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Summer Ski Runs
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ENKON co-ordinated and prepared the Stage I Concept Report of the Commercial Alpine Ski Policy (CASP) process for the proposed expansion of the Mount Mackenzie Ski Hill (17,500 bed units), near Revelstoke.  ENKON was responsible for managing the provincial process, including hiring and co-ordinating base area and mountain planning, engineering site servicing and traffic analysis, market and economic analysis, environmental analysis, First Nations and Public consultation.  The Concept Phase was completed within eight months with the signing of the Interim Agreement in June 2000.  ENKON also managed Revelstoke Resort Ltd. through the “Master Planning Phase” of the process and acquired final Master Plan approval in 2003.  As of 2019, Revelstoke Resort Ltd. has successfully added lifts, runs, and base area hotels, residential and commercial spaces.

Mountain Plan
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