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Vicarro Ranch Residential Development

Abbotsford BC 2005-Present
Pergrine Falcon Cliffs.JPG
Vicarro Ranch Cliffs

As part of the planning process for re-zoning and subdivision of the Vicarro Ranch Planning Area (VRPA) in the City of Abbotsford, ENKON prepared an "Environmental Management Strategy" to incorporate current management strategies to aid in future development of the 160 ha development site.   Based on “species-at-risk” detection sites, ecological requirements, BMP and other guidelines and riparian area setbacks, Core Wildlife Area polygons were identified including the areas with the most numerous, and highest density of “species-at-risk” within the VRPA lands.  Core Wildlife Areas, and three other environmental management areas were identified to specifically protect Peregrine falcon, red-legged frogs and phantom orchids. Site specific environmental guidelines were provided for individual development parcels as they vary in landscape, environmentally sensitive areas and biodiversity composition, and thus require different wildlife management approaches.  ENKON continues to work with Diverse Properties in anticipation of construction of the first phase of development in 2019.

Vicarro Ranch Pond & Residents
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