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Harper Road Fill Site

Coquitlam BC 2011-2018
Harper Road Fill Site.JPG
Installation of Erosion  Control Materials

ENKON provided environmental consulting and ESC monitoring services to Wesbild Holdings in support of the placement of fill at the Harper Road fill site, Coquitlam.  All materials transported to the fill site were monitored and known soils containing invasive plant species were separated out and removed to an appropriate disposal area.  Slope areas were capped with topsoil and re-vegetated with indigenous species to also emulate natural conditions.   The new habitat channel was designed with native boulder lining to accommodate the anticipated flows.   French drains and/or drainage blankets were provided where discrete springs or areal seepage zones are exposed during sub-grade preparation.  

Harper Road Fill Site Slope.JPG
Poly Sheeting of Steep Slope
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