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Westwood Plateau Commercial, Residential & Golf Course Development

Coquitlam BC 1990-2002
Westwood Plateau.jpeg
Westwood Plateau Residential Development
Westwood-Plateau Golf.jpg
Westwood Plateau Golf Course

From 1990-2002, ENKON was contracted by Wesbild Holdings Ltd. to acquire environmental approvals for the roads, residential, commercial and golf course development components of the Westwood Plateau Development.  Some of the issues that were addressed included bridge and culvert crossings of Hoy, Scott and Noons Creeks, wildlife habitat impacts, fisheries habitat mitigation/compensation and water quality impacts.  ENKON negotiated a “fish habitat compensation bank” with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to be used to offset all fish habitat impacts from road and golf course fairway crossings within the development.  The compensation bank included the design and construction of an approximate 10,000-m2 wetland/salmon and trout spawning/rearing channel, the re-construction/restoration of the flow control dam at Cypress Lake and construction of two stormwater-treatment wetlands and several stormwater retention trenches.  The work also involved environmental monitoring of construction works and three years of monitoring the performance of the wetlands and the ability of water releases from the dam to benefit fish habitat.

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