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Vicarro Ranch Residential Development

Abbotsford BC 2005-Present
Phantom Orchid 2.JPG
Rare Phantom Orchid
Red-legged Frog.JPG

As part of the planning process for re-zoning and subdivision of the Vicarro Ranch Planning Area (VRPA) in the City of Abbotsford, ENKON was retained by Vicarro Estates Ltd. to conduct  environmental assessments to identify sensitive fish, wildlife and habitat resources within the VRPA Lands.  Based on the “species-at-risk” detection sites, ecological requirements, BMP and other guidelines and riparian area setbacks, Core Wildlife Area polygons were identified including the areas with the most numerous, and highest density of “species-at-risk” within the VRPA lands.  To protect these core wildlife areas, ENKON used a strategy based upon the “Umbrella Species Approach”, a concept that the conservation of some species can provide critical habitat for numerous co-occurring species.  Specifically, three wildlife “species-at-risk” and one rare plant species (Pacific water shrew, Red-legged frog, Peregrine falcon and Phantom orchid) with the greatest recommended buffer widths were used as the umbrella species to protect critical habitat for the wide range of other species. 

Red-legged Frog
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